Outreach & Services:

Outreach is our primary focus. We love inspiring other students and professionals. We service the industry by preparing students with mechanicl, teamwork, software, and communication skill sets otherwise would not be developed.

About First:

FIRST stands for "For Inspiration and Recongnition of Science and Technology". It is an organization that encourages youth to explore engineering principles through working as a team to build a brand, community, and technical skills. Junior FLL, FIRST Lego League(FLL), FIRST Tech Challenge(FTC), and FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) are all programs within FIRST Junior FLL is the pre-program for students interested in FLL for kindergarteners to 2nd graders. FLL is a robotics program for 4th-8th graders, while FTC and FRC are robotics programs for highschoolers.

About FTC: playing feild

FTC is a worldwide roobotics competition. Teams of 10 or less are responsible for designing, building, and programming an 18" by 18" robot to compete in a challenge thats changes every year The robot is made from materials like metal, 3D printed plastic parts, wires,and motors. They then use their robot to complete takes on a 12' by 12' playing field (picture right). Each team is judged on their robot design and strategy (documented in an engineering notebook), actieness in community outreach (mainly volunteering and mentoring), and real-world accomplishments.


THE ROBOT: one of our goals throughout the season is to expand our knowledge of robotics design and technical engineering. We will also have a detailed documentation of our robot-building process throughout the season in an engineering notebook.
This season we would like to:


We are veryexcited for this FTC season and would love for you to support us! Sponsorship mentors, product, or financial support is greatly appreciated. Below you will find the benefits for each sponsorship level. Of course, any amount is helpful. In-kind donations are also welcome and the value of the donation will qualify for the appropriate sponsorship level.

Degrees of Sponsorship

Title Sponsor - $5000+

Platinum Sponsor - $2000 - $5000

Gold Sponsor - $1000 - $2000

Silver Sponsor - $100 - $1000

Bronze Sponsorship - $25 - $100

Available to all Sponsors: Members of the team will ggive a complimetary presentation to a small or large group of people providing more information and an interactive demonstartion with robot.

If you would like to become a sponsor you can email us at

Category Item Cost
Registrations FIRST Registration $275.00
NY Qualifier Fees (1) $150.00
Robot Parts $4,000.00
Marketing Stickers Free
Travel-FTC Qualifiers and workshops Transportation Free-Student metro cards from school
Food Our mentors and sponsors kindly provide us with food
Total: $4,452.00

Summary for future expectations

We are prepared to grow the FIRST program and to share its benefits. We want to get FIRST everywhere. We will continue being with FTC in different competitions to keep going.

UHHS Cyborg Phoenix 2016™ Email: Locations: - 701 St. Anns Avenue Bronx, NY 10455 - Phone: 718-292-0578